"... (Ghostmaker) is a belter of a tune"
John Barker, 98fm

"This is a band of importance, a band that has the potential to put Ireland straight back to its front centre days enjoyed when Thin Lizzy ruled the world"
Sunset Radio Review

“Ghostmaker leaves you exhausted and basking in another irrepressible slice of Able Archer excellence"
RingMaster Review, London

"Sounds of an early U2"
Ian Dempsey, Today FM

Ghostmaker; Tune of the day - "High energy rock with well placed softer indie/pop moments"
2 U I Bestow (Blog of the month, Guardian Nov 2013)

"The subtle synth and electronic sounds provide an extra dimension and colour to their music that sets them apart"

"I can't adequately put into words how strong this EP is... These guys need just one big break and they'll take the country by storm, and then with any luck, the world"



The Trouble with Strangers (2014)

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Bullets (2013)

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Fri 27th Mar 15 Single Launch: The Warden Bello Bar - -
Sat 31st Jan 15 Select Sessions Bello Bar - -
Sun 18th Jan 15 Saucy Sundays Grand Social - -
Thur 18th Dec 14 Christmas Gig Whelans - -
Sun 12th Oct 14 Guinness Amplify The Merchantile - -
Thur 9th Oct 14 Harbour Bar Live Harbour Bar, Bray - -
Sat 4th Oct 14 Monroes Live Monroes, Galway - -
Sat 9th August 14 FSTV Festival, supporting Kerbdog Kavanaghs, Portlaoise - -
Fri 8th August 14 Black Dog Saloon & Mezcalaria Black Dog Saloon & Mezcalaria, Cork - -
Fri 13th June 14 Youbloom Festival Odessa, Dublin - -
Thur 15th May 14 Middle Earth Music Club Naas, Kildare - -
Thur 17th April 14 Ghostmaker Single Launch The Workmans Club - -
Sat 25th Jan 14 CYOF presents The Merchantile - -
Sat 16th Nov 13 CYOF Val Normal fundraiser Sweeney Mongrels - -
Sat 31st Aug 13 Venture Promotions Voodoo Lounge - -
Sat 26th Aug 13 Industry Showcase Generator Hostel - -
Wed 21st Aug 13 Toss Bin Fibbers - -
Sun 18th Aug 13 New Cross Inn New Cross Inn, London - -
Sat 17th Aug 13 The Dublin Castle The Dublin Castle, London - -
Fri 16th Aug 13 PhilFest JJ Harlow's, Roscommon - -
Thu 1st Aug 13 Musicmaker Rocks Hard Rock Cafe, Dublin - -
Tue 30th Jul 13 Sweeney Mongrels Sweeney Mongrels - -
Sat 29th Jun 13 youBloom Festival The Workmans Club - -
Sun 19th May 13 Saucy Sundays The Grand Social - -
Thu 25th Apr 13 Bullets EP Launch The Grand Social - -
Sat 30th Mar 13 Sweeney Mongrels Sweeney Mongrels - -
Tue 12th Mar 13 Whelans Live Whelans - -
Sat 9th Mar 13 The Workmans Club The Workmans Club - -
Fri 15th Feb 13 Fibbers Fibbers - -
Thu 14th Feb 13 Dimestore Recordings Sweeney Mongrels - -
Sun 10th Feb 13 Sunday Roast Merchantile - -

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